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TYT Parenting Challenge (1st June)

Welcome to The 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge. We will be commencing on Monday 1st June, 2015.

Here’s what to do:

Read your Daily lessons via the mode of delivery you chosen (ebook or hard copy). Alternatively, everyone also has the automatic option of being able to listen to the daily lessons which will be sent to you daily via email.

We know everyone is busy, so the daily audios are a way of allowing you to listen to the daily readings as they only take between 3 to 10 minutes per day and can be listened to on the run.

Your daily emails will be waiting in your inbox each morning.

Here’s how each week will roll out:
Week One (1st June – 7th June) – Understanding your anger
Week Two (8th June – 14th June) – The Shift to Reality
Week Three (15th June – 21st June) – Let’s get solution focussed
Week Four (22nd June – 28th June) – The Continual Road to Successful Tame Your Temper Parenting

Weekly Exclusive Tame your Temper Videos

Pre-challenge Video


Week One – Understanding your anger

You will need the password: TYTChallenge. If you are having difficulty watching this video or intend to watch it in intervals, please click here to watch it via vimeo. You will need the same password.


28 Day Tame Your Temper Challenge Support Forum (Click here to go to this page) Meet your group members who are also challenging themselves to Tame their Temper. Support each other. Share your experiences. Let them know how you’re doing – the highs, the lows, the challenges you’re facing. You may even like to ask them a question about something you’re going through to see if anyone else can relate. This group is run via a Close Facebook Page where only you get to see your posts and yours/others’ comments on your newsfeed only. This means that none of your FB friends can see it. We’ve also discreetly named it TYT Challenge to keep it even more private. Only members of THIS particular group will be allowed into the FB closed group, so it’s 100% safe.This is a friendly, non-judgmental place to share your Challenge experience with other people on the same journey as you. Any nasty posts will be deleted immediately and any ongoing nastiness by any member will see them deleted from access to the support forum altogether.

Chat LIVE with Jackie Hall (Click here to register)

1st session will be held on Monday 8th June

Every Monday at 8.30pm AEST, Jackie Hall will be ready to take your personal questions.

This live chat session will be held like a webinar, where you can either speak with Jackie or type in your questions.

Unfortunately not all questions will be able to be answered due to the large amount of participants. We recommend emailing Jackie with your questions prior to the session to to increase your chances of having your question answered.

All live chat sessions will be recorded so those who are unable to attend can listen at a later date,