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Welcome to The Happy Mum Handbook Support Program


Welcome to Week Nine! ┬áIt’s our final week of the program. We’re going to wrap it all up and recap everything you’ve learnt over the last 8 weeks.

Here’s how the next nine weeks will roll out:

Please note: The audio versions of these chapters will be emailed to you as a link each week.
Week One (11th August – 17th August) Read Intro and Chapters One and Two
Week Two (18th August – 24th August) Read Chapter Three
Week Three (25th August – 31st August) Read Chapter Four, Five & Six
Week Four (1st September – 7th September) Read Chapter Seven & Eight
Week Five (8th September – 14th September) Read Chapter Nine
Week Six (15th September – 21st September) Read Chapter Ten & Eleven
Week Seven (22nd September – 28th September) Read Chapter Twelve – Time Out
Week Eight (29th September – 5th October) Read Chapter Thirteen
Week Nine (6th October – 12th October) Read Chapter Fourteen, Fifteen & Sixteen

Weekly Exclusive HMH Videos

Week One – A deeper understanding of stress


Week Two – Reality – Step TWO of the Mind TRACK to Happiness Process


Week Three – Finding evidence of Upgrade two and three from The Personal Development Model


Week Four – Why you are ALWAYS worthy and why you can still feel bad even though you know this



Week Five – A different perspective on child behaviour that will reduce your stress



Week Six – Taming your Temper



Week Seven – Getting some order in your life



Week Eight – Understanding your relationship



Week Nine – Putting it all together


Chat LIVE with Jackie Hall (Click here to register)

When: Every Monday at 8-9pm AEST (Sydney/Melbourne time). 1st session will be held Monday 18th August.

How: We use Go to Webinar to present slides to you. You have the opportunity to interact with Jackie Hall and ask questions via typing, or if you have a headset you can chat live. It’s your choice.

Question priority: Priority will be given to questions that are emailed prior to the sessions, otherwise question will be taken on the night, time permitting. Any questions not answered can be asked in the FB closed group

Live Chat Recordings: Live chat sessions will be recorded so those who are unable to attend can listen at a later date. The video will be posted to the HMH Facebook Support Group and the link will also be emailed to you.

HMH Support Group

Meet your group members who are also reading The Happy Mum Handbook. Support each other. Share your experiences. Let them know how you’re doing – the highs, the lows, the challenges. You may even like to ask them a question about something you’re going through to see if anyone else can relate.

We will be doing this using a Facebook closed group. When you become part of this group your posts, comments or the posts of others will ONLY appear on your news feed and NOT on the news feed of your friends (don’t worry, I’ve tested it out), so it’s completely safe. What goes on in this group, stays in this group because we’re all here with the same mission and supporting each other is an integral part of this program

This is just a really good way for me to keep in contact with you, encourage you to support each other, get to know each other and help each other through the program…and give you a little nudge to keep going if you slacken off, lol.

However, I completely understand that there may be sensitive questions that you don’t want mentioned in the group, so I am happy to take your emails direct instead at

Please note that this is a friendly, non-judgmental place to share your Happy Mum Handbook experience with other people on the same journey as you. Any nasty posts will be deleted immediately and any ongoing nastiness by any member will see them deleted from access to the support forum altogether.