How To Reduce Stress
While Raising An Autistic Child

Want to learn how to be a strong, resilient parent who is able to adapt to the challenges of raising an ASD Child, without overwhelm?

Would you like to manage emotions within you, such as anger, despair, self-doubt, self-criticism, guilt, worry, anxiety, depression and stress?

Would you like to be able to handle the your child's challenging behaviours

with a calm and solution focussed approach?

Would you like to become one of 'those' parents who seem to take everything in their stride and roll with the punches (sometimes literally)?

Then this is exactly the right webinar for you!!

Your Host:

Jackie Hall

Parental Stress Centre of Australia, Founder

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Regular Webinars held at regular times that suit you. 

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What Causes Parental Stress?

At the best of times parenting can feel stressful enough.

We're constantly needing to juggle work, life, running a household and attending to the needs of our children. 

We're always trying to do the best by our kids, while at the same time, trying to build our own best life and meet our own wants and needs. 

Every parent experiences self-doubt, worry, overwhelm and stress at some point.  

Every parent experiences times where they have no idea what they are doing or how to tackle a challenging behaviour their child is exhibiting.

Every parent is learning, growing, adapting their approaches and working on trying to do better. 

However, when you throw in an autism diagnosis for one or more children in the family, not only do you find a parent still dealing with the everyday challenges of being a parent, but you also find a parent feeling overwhelmed with even more stressors being thrown his/her way.  Such as:

  • Where are the best therapies for my child to learn the skills he/she needs?
  • Which ones are going to work for my child?
  • Where will I find the time to help my child with all they need?
  • How do I do this without neglecting the needs of my other children?
  • What do I do when my child is being aggressive or hurting themselves?
  • How do I stop a meltdown when I don't even understand why the meltdown even began?
  • How do I get support for this?
  • How do I help my child's self-esteem when society keeps judging or rejecting them?
  • There's so much they need to learn, where do I even begin?
  • What would happen if I wasn't here to help my child? What if something happened to me?
  • And what about me? When do I get time for me? When do I get my needs met?

It's no wonder that parents of autistic children are 77% more likely to experience high levels of stress, than parents with children with typical development. 

But do all these additional challenges have to constantly result in stress and overwhelm?  

Is there a way you can face these realities without the constant overwhelm?

How Do I Become A Parent Of
An ASD Child Who Isn't Stressed?

In your experience of your Autism journey so far, have you come across a parent you aspire to be?

You know the one that seems to be able to accept her child's behaviour, manage her stress, become solution focussed and seems to thrive under these stressful conditions?

She's the one that seems to be all over her appointments, knows so much about autism, rolls with the punches of her child's behaviour (sometimes literally) and although still faces the same or similar conditions as you, she looks like she handles them with ease.

Did you know that the only difference between that parent and you is how she is perceiving the events that she experiences.   It's her mindset that she approaches these challenges with that makes the difference. 

For example:

  • She doesn't personalise her child's behaviour, she seeks to understand it and see it as a teaching opportunity.
  • She accepts the reality that her approaches are not a short term fix.
  • She knows that every time she repeats herself this IS teaching her child how to do something different.  She just recognises learning takes time.
  • She recognises that she cannot be all things to all people at all times and forgives herself when she makes a mistake or doesn't get it right. 
  • She recognises that failure is going to be part of raising an ASD Child because every child is different and requires a different approach.  
  • She associates the word F.A.I.L.  with First or Further Attempts In Learning 
  • She accepts the reality that things won't always go to plan and she is flexible in how life unfolds.
  • She recognises the benefits of self-care and gives herself a break by creating time for herself in her schedule, adjusting her picture of how she gets 'time out' and can appreciate the stolen moments of peace.
  • She allows herself to rely on her support system (and creates one for herself if there isn't friends or family around), and doesn't try to do it all herself. 
  • She knows how to regulate her own emotions so she can face the challenging realities as they are thrown at her.
  • She allows herself to wallow in her emotional overwhelm at times and accepts her right to feel this way and then shifts into solution focussed mode.

What if you too could have a mindset like this parent?   

Well that's exactly what this FREE webinar is all about!

A non-stressed parent, is not superhuman,  she just has a different mindset to what she's facing. 

THIS is what The Parental Stress Centre will teach you


Founder of The Parental Stress Centre

What you’ll discover on this webinar:

  • check
    An understanding of how stress, depression and anxiety play out in parents with autistic children.
  • check
    How to adopt a healthy mindset and emotional resilience that not only alleviates your stress, but models this for your children.
  • check
    A 5 Step Process that you can use in ANY stressful situation, that will move you out of stress and into acceptance of the situation, with the ability to stay solution focussed.
  • How to break down your massive 'to do list' into manageable tasks to avoid overwhelm. 
  • How to jump into the world of your child to understand their behaviour.

This FREE WEBINAR is going to inspire you to completely rethink how you see your role as a parent of an autistic child.  

Kelly Wood


Jackie's style and her no judgement approach really resonated with me.  I really needed someone who understood where I was coming from without judging as I felt like I was failing.

Doing he program I started to just relax and be able to enjoy my children for the first time in a little while.  People started to comment on our child's behaviour being better. That was a real plus...A real plus.

So I’m very grateful to Jackie for helping us through that and I’ve been very grateful for being part of the community that it brings you into afterwards.

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