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28 Day Make My Child Listen Challenge

In this challenge I'll reveal how to speak to your children about any problematic behaviour in a way they'll listen and WILLINGLY work WITH you to overcome!  

I use techniques that have helped me personally, alongside thousands of other parents, to speak calmly and respectfully so you never have to yell, beg, nag or feel guilty for over-reacting again.

28 Day Make My Child Listen Challenge

In this program you will discover...



Often you don't even get two words out before your child shuts down and tunes you out. We'll show you how and when to cut through defensiveness and have an amicable conversation with your child so you can deal with problematic behaviour without a fight.


We don't just work on child behaviour management.  We work on getting to the core of WHY they're behaving this way in the first place.     We look at your child's mindset behind behaviour and work on three areas that will be contributing to their choices - their brain development;  the family dynamics; and their perspective on life.  


We'll send you 28 daily lessons titled, "What to say when..." - 28 different problematic scenarios & how to communicate with your child when addressing them,  including scripts you can follow that give examples of words you can use that your child is able to hear without defensiveness

...and much more

Bonus - 8 x 30 minute videos

That will teach you how to resolve conflict with your child and create a harmonious family environment. I'll teach you how to communicate in three different ways that brings a balanced, firm but fair approach to your parenting, while at the same time, teaches your child a healthy, positive mindset for life.


28 Days of support from
Qualified Counsellor, Jackie Hall for 7 days a week!

What happens if you're doing this program and get stuck?  What happens if your child is not responding to these techniques?

No problems!  With our Closed Facebook Group, you'll be able to ask Jackie any questions you like, trouble shoot specific issues and tweak your approach to get the results you're after. 

Sometimes it can be the slightest alteration to your words that can make a huge difference to your child's co-operation.  Jackie is here to fine tune what you're learning and apply it to your specific circumstances. 

She'll be there 7 days a week for the entire 28 Days!

Jackie Hall - Founder of The PSC & Qualified counsellor

This is the information I used to produce these results...

"I have had some really successful out of  

context convos with my 6yr old."

Amber Purtell

"Her teachings and advice have opened my eyes to a new world of awareness and understanding when it comes to what makes my children 'tick' and how to work with them instead of against them. "

Sarah Menzie

What Actual Clients Have to Say About Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre

Mind Blown Repeatedly!!...

Thanks so much Jackie. This has been transformational! I’ve really enjoyed your realistic, down to earth approach and candid videos, you deliver all this info in a way that people can really relate to. My mind has been blown repeatedly. I’m proud of the change I can feel in myself, and excited for the changes I can begin to see in my kids (and my husband)! Well done for creating such an amazing program. I truly believe you are doing such a wonderful thing for parents of future generations!! 

Fiona Schenkel, NT

No thank you big enough!!...

"The PSC has brought something to my family’s life that I can't even begin to explain. There is no thankyou in the world big enough to say how grateful I am to Jackie and her team. The PSC’s advice and strategies are realistic and their ongoing support is invaluable. Jackie’s programs have been a real game changer for me! Thanks PSC!"

Katie Fiatorone

Best decision ever!!...

"Completing a course with the PSC was the best parenting decision I have ever made. Jackie offers her full support during the program and beyond. I have so much gratitude for Jackie and her incredible team at PSC - it’s changed our lives!"

Karen Snaith

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We're happy to back this program with this money back guarantee, so there's no financial risk to you.  

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