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Six months after the birth of my second son, I found myself to be stuck in a
repetitive cycle of loving motherhood, hating motherhood, flying into angry rages,
and feeling guilty for my behaviour and it’s effects on my children. I would cry and
criticize myself, hating who I was and the mother I’d become.

But one day, something happened that stopped my postnatal depression and
changed the entire course of my life.

This 6 minute video below, may just change your life too.




There is a way for you to stop motherhood stress and depression, but you are the only one who can make
a difference to the way you are currently feeling.


Wouldn’t you like to know more about how you can do this?
Learn my 5-step Mind TRACK to
Happiness Process for

I know that there are a lot of parents out there who are going
through a difficult time being a parent, and because the Mind
TRACK to Happiness process has been so helpful for me, I
would like to give it to you absolutely FREE.

If you would like to access this incredibly rare and helpful information in an easy to remember five step format, introduce yourself by filling in the boxes to the right and you will immediately be taken to the page that will give you a detailed explanation of this process.



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What's in it for me?

“If he would just help me more, I wouldn’t be so irritable.”
“If she would just stop nagging me and telling me what to do I would probably help her more.”
“If he gave me more romance and affection I would give him more sex.”
“If she gave me more sex I’d give her more romance and affection.”
“Why should I make an effort when he/she isn’t giving me what I want?”

In a ground breaking approach to solving relationship issues, “What’s in it for me?” shows you how everyone is on a journey to pursue pleasure and avoid pain, not just physically, but emotionally too.  Behind every decision we make and action we take, we are all asking ourselves the question: “What’s in it for me?”

The unknown secret most successful couples hold is a deeper understanding of how the “What’s in it for me?” factor contributes to relationship conflict and how to use this knowledge to solve arguments and let go of resentment.

“What’s in it for me?” will teach you how to get inside yours and your partner’s head to understand how both of you think and to understand the beliefs that drive you to behave or act the way you do.

With this in depth understanding you will very clearly see that in order to get more of what you want in your relationship, you have to give your partner more of what they need.

It’s the highroad less travelled and goes against everything you want to do when faced with conflict but ‘what’s in it for me’ promises to enlighten you to the reality of the true thinking behind relationship conflict and how to use this information to communicate, negotiate, and compromise more effectively.

The answer to relationship success is not to give up or give in – It’s to GIVE MORE.

Available in three formats: