30 Day Mindset, Emotions & Mayhem Project

30 Day Mindset Emotions & Mayhem Project

Train your mindset, manage your emotions and calm the chaos within you and your family 

In just 4-7 minutes a day over 30 days, we will teach you how to:

  • Challenge your negative mindset that sends you into parental overwhelm
  • Understand  why your child misbehaves and gets emotional
  • Practical and in-the-moment exercises to bring calm, connection and better communication between you and your children


Life is challenging when we're a parent. There's no doubting it.

Tantrums, sibling rivalry, backchat, defiance, special needs, homework, routines, being organised, working, housework etc.  The list goes on. 

On top of all this are our emotional responses to what's happening around us.  We get reactive to our external environment and emotions like anger, overwhelm, impatience, depression, anxiety and stress seem to take over our ability to be rational and resolve these challenges calmly.

When feeling these emotions, it's difficult to think our way out of these situations because these emotions activate the hind part of the brain responsible for the fight or flight response (survival mode) and prevent us from accessing the logic, reasoning, rationale and creative parts of the brain (the conscious mind) that we need for problem solving 

When you're feeling emotions of stress,  you literally can't think straight.

To overcome these feelings so you can be more pro-active about the challenging situations you face as a parent,  behaviour management techniques on their own are not enough.

With the thousands of parents we have worked with over the last 12 years, we have discovered that there are three important elements that need to be addressed for parents to overcome parental stress.  They are:  Self-Awareness, Basic Knowledge of a child's mindset and Practical In-The-Moment Tools 


Understand your emotions & learn to alleviate your stress

  • What's going on in the mind and body when we're feeling stressed, depressed or anxious
  • How we can (unconsciously) get addicted to our emotions and how to deal with emotional overwhelm in 90 seconds
  • How to challenge self-criticism
  • How to become aware of and challenge negative thinking 

Knowledge of a Child's Mindset 
Jump out of the world of you and into the world of your child  

  • What's going on in your child's mind for them to be behaving the way they are?
  • Where is your child at in their brain development?
  • How to teach your child a positive mindset for life
  • Tools to teach your child how to roll with the challenges of life and find evidence of their self-worth

Practical In-The-Moment Tools
Know what to do when faced with challenging child behaviour

  • Communication techniques that help you deal with challenging behaviour effectively 
  • How to handle sibling rivalry and backchat 
  • How to resolve conflict between you and your child 
  • Communicate in ways they are able to hear you
  • How to help your children avoid stress, depression & Anxiety

How does this program work?


This program was designed for ANY Parent under any circumstances.

Here's how it works: 

  • After checkout, you instantly get access to 30 videos
  • Watch one video per day
  • Each video goes for 4-7 minutes
  • Each video gives you tasks or ideas on how to apply the information you're learning
  • Present, Peaceful and Calm Family Environment

    If you want more of these in your house, then this is the program for you. 

    What Our Customers Have to Say About Us:

    I'm enjoying my life now instead of struggling ...”

    I'm so glad I invested the time to complete this course. My relationship with my children (age 4 and 7) and my husband has improved enormously, and I understand myself much better. I'm enjoying my life now instead of struggling through the days.

    Angela A

    Adelaide, Australia

    A sense of calm [now] dominates...”

    “This challenge has saved my relationships with my family. We are no longer a household full of screaming and high-stress, but rather, one in which a sense of calm dominates. I love that i'ts also adaptable to other areas of my life, as well as parenting..

    Katie Fiatorone

    Sydney, Australia

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