Day One – Why Managing YOUR emotions and behaviours are so important in parenting
Why are you focussing on me when its my child I need help with? In today’s very first video, I explain why it is imperative that we have a conversation about you and your emotions and behaviours as a part of your overall parenting strategy.
Day Two – The war in your mind that keeps you stuck and unable to deal with challenges effectively
Your mindset is effecting EVERYTHING you do as a parent, and even just as a person. When faced with something challenging, you can so easily get stuck in a war in your head that is literally stopping you from handling the challenges you face, effectively.
Day Three – How to deal with emotional overwhelm in 90 seconds
Did you know that it only takes just 90 seconds to 2 minutes for your emotions to pass.
Day Four – Are you being melodramatic?
You’ve been learning how the mind returns to you evidence of what you have your attention on. Let me show you how easily we can catastrophise things and think in ‘absolutes’ that keep us stuck in a narrow minded viewpoint, away from solutions
Day Five – Are you actually asking for what you DO want or hoping it will magically appear for you?
When consumed by situations that repeatedly show you evidence that you’re not getting what you want, your mindset stops asking. You stop getting specific. You lose hope that you can have it. Sometimes you don’t even think about what you do want.
Day Six – Are you addicted to your emotions?
It’s not just drugs and alcohol, or nicotine and caffeine you need to be wary of getting addicted to. It’s your emotions!
Day Seven – The mindset behind Depression
Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Yes, that’s true but how did it get there. Is it possible that that chemical imbalance is a trained response from repetitive thoughts?
Day Eight – The mindset behind Anxiety
I NEED to control life so I can feel at ease. Is this you? Anxiety is all about the NEED to control because of the way you are viewing life.
Day Nine – Are you really a shit parent?
“If my child does anything wrong, feels any negative emotion, has any problem in life, or challenges me or anyone else, it MUST be my fault.”
Day Ten – How to jump into the world of your kids
It’s time to get into observation mode and really SEE, HEAR and UNDERSTAND your child’s behaviour in preparation for section two of this program, where we’re moving into “Your child and their emotions”.
Day Eleven – Why does my child do that?
We need to get curious about why they are behaving that way. We need to accept the reality that they are, and shift our attention to the why. To do this, there are three key areas of your child’s life we need to focus on
Day Twelve – The ages and stages of your child’s brain development
If our brain is not really fully developed until the age of 25, is your child really at the emotional and mental stage of life you think they are?
Day Thirteen – How and when to teach your child a positive mindset for life
Parents are often trying to teach their children about life, right in the middle of an emotional situation and when they’re in an emotion of stress (hurt, anger, defensiveness). But guess what? They can’t hear you?
Day Fourteen – Four viewpoints that teach a positive, happy mindset in kids.
There’s so much we want to teach our children to help them get through life. It can be overwhelming. So we have narrowed it down to just four fundamental viewpoints we need to install in our kids
Day Fifteen – How to teach you kids to roll with the highs and lows of life
The reality is life doesn’t always go to plan. So how do we teach our kids to accept that when they live in a world of instant gratification and it appears that everything revolves around them?
Day Sixteen – The power of gratitude and seeing the hidden good in the bad
How do you want your child to handle the unwanted situations that inevitably show up at times during our life? Do you want them to roll around in their missing out lens or do you want them to be able to accept the reality of the unwanted and get solution focussed about it?
Day Seventeen – An effective way to teach your children right from wrong
Today’s lesson takes a different approach to teaching kids about right vs wrong – an approach that they hear and take on.
Day Eighteen – The difference between self-worth and self-esteem and how to teach it to your children
Our kids need to know that they are innately worthy AND they also need to control the judging brain that will rate themselves based on the experiences we have.
Day Nineteen – Teaching your child to self-praise and to feel unconditionally loved
Today’s lesson chats about how you can begin teaching your kids to feed their own self-esteem, make them feel unconditionally loved and embrace ALL that life has to offer.
Day Twenty – More ways to teach kids these powerful viewpoints that induce positivity, happiness and co-operation
Today’s lesson talks about teaching your kids these concepts in even more ways where they can receive you because they’re not hearing you when in their emotions of stress or defensiveness.
Day 21 – How to speak to your child about their backchat
How do you normally speak to your child about backchat? “Don’t you dare speak to me like that!” How’s this approach working for you?
Day 22 – How I taught my (then) 7 year old to disagree respectfully and stop his backchat
Today I want to share with you a specific conversation we had surrounding Ryan’s back chat and how differently I handled it without getting stuck in that reprimanding approach I spoke about yesterday.
Day 23 – Making the dreaded Morning routine habitually more peaceful
Today we’re going to be looking at your approach and a practical approach to avoiding all the shouting, lack of co-operation and worry about being late that typically goes on in most households every morning.
Day 24 – FFS! Get ready to stop the fight. Let’s talk Sibling Rivalry
Today’s lesson discusses three aspects we need to address to get to the solutions part of dealing with sibling rivalry in the most amicable way possible.
Day 25 – 7 Steps to Resolving conflict with your child
What happens if you’re trying to address your child’s behaviour in these different ways, but they’re still not listening? What if there’s been so much water under the bridge your relationship is damaged and you just don’t know where to start to find this more amicable, more loving relationship.
Day 26 – How to help your child with Anxiety
If you have a child who feels anxious, or worries a lot, this video is going to help you to know what you need to work through with your child to help them.
Day 27 – Is your voice as powerful and influential as you think it is?
Today’s video talks about the different ways to speak to your kids and how they influence the results that you get. Are you being too flippant, too soft, to harsh, to loud, too soft, too serious, too playful, or with speaking without intention or conviction? All of these play a part in our voices falling on deaf ears.
Day 28 – Adolescence is starting at 8 years old. Are you ready?
As our fast paced world evolves and the exposure your child has to life experiences, so too has their brain development. We’re seeing kids move into the adolescence years much sooner than 13 years old. Now, it’s beginning as young as 8 years old! That’s scary, right?
Day 29 – Old School results using new school approaches. Here’s how…
Today’s lesson talks about these changes and what it means for how parents approach their child’s behaviour and arm them with the tools they’ll need to adults in THEIR lifetime, not the lifetime we grew up in as kids, which is no longer relevant.
Day 30 – How to save our kids from a life of stress, depression and anxiety
As we draw this 30 day project to a close, I want to recap for you the essence of what we need to do, be and act upon as parents, that will provide the very best environment for our kids to grow up in, so they know how to deal with life’s inevitable ups and downs.

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