28 Day Tame Your Temper 

Parenting Challenge Book

by Jackie Hall


“ The only difference between a parent who's calm and one who's not is simply how they are perceiving the current challenge. Change how you view them and you'll change your reaction. 

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    28 Daily Lessons: These daily lessons will progressively teach you how to understand your parental anger, how to find your calm, how to get solution focussed about your child's behavior (or whatever's triggering you), and how to stay calm in the long term.
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    FREE 1hour Bonus Training:  Receive a bonus video that teaches you 5 Additional Ways to STOP Anger In The Moment



Completely over backchat, sibling rivalry, kids not listening and an endless list of frustrating childhood moments, thousands of parents shamefully resort to the habit of yelling at their children to get results.
Soon after, comes parental guilt, the fear of ‘messing up your child’s life’ and the feeling of being a lousy parent.

However all that need not happen anymore. Over 20,000 parents have joined this challenge, led by multi-time author and qualified counsellor Jackie Hall, on a 28 day challenge to tame your temper. ​

Now it’s your turn to take the challenge!

Based on the premise that it takes 21 days to break a habit and an extra seven days to reinforce the new habit (to tame your temper) this book will progressively teach you to understand the thinking behind your anger and frustrations, and learn how to adopt a different mindset when approaching the challenges of being a parent.

Here's what you'll learn over the 28 Days...

Week One:  Why Do You Lose It?

Stage one of the 28 days teaches you to understand why you get angry, even when you know you 'shouldn't'.  Many parents say to us, "I don't know why this riles me up so much?  Why can't I just stay calm?   

The first 7 days will help you understand what's stopping you from already being calm. 

Week Two:  The Shift To Reality

Now that you know why you 'crack it', it's time to make the shift to changing how you think, feel and react to the inevitable challenges of parenting. 

Week Three:  Let's Get Solution-focused

It's all well and good to be calm about a situation, but some situations need changing?  What do you DO when you're faced with those parenting challenge?  This week is all about finding solutions, including understanding what's going on for your child, for them to be behaving the way they are? 

Week Four:  The Road To Continual Calm

This final week teaches you our 5-step process that you can apply to ANY situation that's triggering your stress.  It will help you to pull yourself back from anger in seconds, and jump back into being solution focused and able to take on any challenge that is thrown at you. 

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Don't spend one more day promising yourself 'tomorrow' will be different, only to wake up and do the same thing again.

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