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28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge
for parents with children of any age

With just 10 minutes per day plus one hour per week, you can become a calmer parent who is able to be present with their kids and help guide them through their emotions and development.


Tuesday, 10th September 


Discover what over 20,000 mums and dads learnt to TAME THEIR TEMPER in just 28 days

Do you end your days feeling guilty and ashamed for yelling, smacking, over-reacting or being mean to your children?

Do you worry that you will damage your children by flying off the handle so often?

Do you cringe when you see the look of fear on your child’s face or when they cower in anticipation of your wrath when they’ve done something wrong?

Are you ready to stop beating yourself up over getting angry every day and take action to change?

Then this convenient, online (don’t-need-to-find-a-babysitter-to-get-help) program is going to change your life..and your family!!

Introducing The 28 Day Tame your Temper Challenge Support Program

Join us Tuesday, 30th July, 2019 and learn how to start connecting with your child in a way that brings you more respect, gets you more co-operation and creates a loving foundation for experiencing a family you can be proud of.

This program could be the very thing that saves your relationship with your child AND your partner because it will change you to the very core and help you bring back the fun, carefree person you used to be.


28 Daily lessons

In just 10 minutes everyday you will listen to a lesson that will teach you to understand your anger and think about the common challenges of parenting in a different way. If you prefer to read, that will be an option for you too. At the end of each lesson will be a summary with an action task to help you apply the information

Weekly 30-60minute Video

What’s really driving your anger? How can you make lasting changes to staying calmer? This weekly video will go deeper into the understanding of anger and give you loads of ‘golden nuggets’ of information and tools that aren’t in the book. These videos are downloadable so you can access them forever!

28 Days of Support from TWO qualified Counsellors

Got questions? Feel stuck? Want to give up? You’ll become part of an exclusive closed Facebook group where you can reach out for support, help, advice or even a kick up the bum if you need it, EVERY DAY for a month. So when the kids do something and you think, “what the hell do I do in this scenario?” we’ll be right there to hold your hand. You’ll also be able to connect with other parents who are on the same mission as you to find their calm. Our qualitied counsellors are trained in the PSC methods and have over 20 combined years of experience in helping parents with emotions, and child behaviour, as well as working with clients experiencing severe depression, anxiety and drug and alcohol addictions.

Who’s created this program and why can you help me?

“I threw a loaf of bread across the room and slammed a nearby knife on the bench so hard that it bounced off and narrowly missed my toddler's head....

I screamed, “I HATE MY LIFE” and ran out of the kitchen , crying uncontrollably… all with my 6 month old on my hip.

My life had become a repetitive cycle of getting angry, losing the plot, feeling guilty and then hating myself for behaving this way. As I sat on the floor of my bedroom, devastated by the mother that I had become, it hit me. No fairy godmother was going to wave her magic wand and suddenly make me happy.

So who else could by my advocate for change? The answer was: Only I could.”

Founder of The Parental Stress Centre Jackie Hall

My name is Jackie Hall, founder of The Parental Stress Centre and counselor for parents from all walks of life, experiencing all kinds of stress. What you’ve just read above is a true account of what I did and how I was feeling 9 years ago.

I have personally had to walk my talk and now I teach thousands of parents how to make the same changes that I had to make – physically, mentally, emotionally and practically, to achieve that sense of calm we ALL want to experience.

Over 20,000 parents in Australia have already joined our Tame your temper program and now you can join me on our next round.

One thing you should know: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Our non-judgemental, caring, supportive and understanding approach will guide you to getting the results you are wanting to feel – a calmer, happier parent.


So what will you pay for the 28 day tame your temper challenge?

Total time commitment for this program is 10 - 15 minutes per day plus 1 hour per week for videos

Most people would easily pay hundreds of dollars if they knew they'd be able to say goodbye to the daily fight with their kids and say hello to a new stress free family environment. But we're not charging hundreds of dollars.

Take all the risk and worry out of this decision with our 28 day money back guarantee!

We are committed to helping you tame your temper, and know that a challenge like this can seem dubious. If you don't see any difference within the 28 days, you can just email us and ask for your money back.

We know our strategies work and we know we can help you, but we also know that you're still learning to trust us.

We're happy to back this program with this money back guarantee, so there's no financial risk to you.

Bottom line is, get results or we'll return your money to you.

So are you ready to give it a try?

Join now as time is running out.  This course starts in just...

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  • Pay upfront and pay just $97
  • Lifetime access with on-demand download

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