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  • And below the belt digs that you know will hurt?

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    Why couples argue and what you need to do to stop
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    How it's likely you unconsciously contributed to the set up of the current dyanmic between you and your partner
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    Why you argue so much over parenting and how you can begin to change that
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    How the difference between men and women can cause incorrect assumptions that lead to conflict
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    How to establish what the REAL problem is behind the arguments and conflict
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    To get really specific about the changes you want to happen (Most people don't do that).
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    What's important to a man and how to communicate more effectively with him
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    What's important to a woman and how to communicate more effectively with her
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    The art of successful negotiation and compromise
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    The 4 step road map to successful alignment as a couple and as parents

About the Author

My name is Jackie Hall and I am not only the Founder of the Parental Stress Centre and the author of everything you find on this website, but I am also a qualified counsellor, wife and life partner to Steve, and mother of two boys Cody, 13 and Ryan, 11.

At the time of writing, I have been with my husband and best friend Steve for over half of my life – 22 years, actually.  We have grown into adults together. We have both changed and grown as individuals, multiple times and we have had to re-negotiate the terms of our relationship multiple times.

Steve and I have, what I consider to be the perfect relationship.  Is that because we never argue? No. It’s because we know HOW TO RESOLVE CONFLICT AS IT ARISES and STAY CONNECTED through thick and thin.

It is because we have learnt the art of communication, negotiation and compromise. It is because we have gotten to know, respect, understand and accept the other persons wants, needs and personality and work with each other on problems.

We have shared many challenges together.  We have shared my depression, his severe anxiety, financial struggles and the crazy years of two very young children born close together, to name a few.

There have been times where he was my teacher and times where I was his. There have been times when I was the leader and he was the follower and he was the leader and I was the follower. In our relationship, we have created what works for US and I want to now teach you how to create all of these things in YOUR relationship.

In addition to my personal experience, I have also worked as a counsellor, mediating and counselling many couples, as well as other family members and taught my clients how to understand each other and communicate effectively to create healthy and fair resolutions. I am also the author of the internationally renowned relationship book, "What's in it for me? - Why giving your partner more of what you want, will get you more of what you need."

This is my forte and something that I love sharing with clients!]

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